Kor-spaw – Flame-retardant garments designed for welding and similar jobs

Kor-spaw protects from small splinters of melted metal (so called small drops) during welding, short contact with flame, heating radiation, including electric arc, minimizes possibility of being shocked by short, accidental contact with electric circuits up to 100 V direct current in normal welding environment.

Textile does’t continue to burn when lit, it doesn’t leave any burning leftovers and melted material.

Kor-spaw clothing:

is made of 100% cotton of 320 g/m2 density finished to be flame retardant
contains double, kevlar thread seams
it can be double colored, depending on customers needs, overprints are also available.
trousers are produced in two versions: normal style and dungarees
reflection tape is optional
it contains functional pockets with a flap
it is available in S-XXL sizes
available colors are: nave blue, black, red, green, grey, blue
Kor-spaw clothing has category CE certificate and complies with norms:

PN – EN ISO 11611:2009 klasa 1 i 2, a1 i a2
PN – EN ISO 11612 : 2008 klasa 1 i 2, a1 i a2