Shoes for asphalter PANTER S3

Shoes ASFALCIARZ – symbol PC-202 designed for special use, for employees windrowing asphalt surfaces, and wherever there is a risk of contact with the ground or a hot liquid spatter. top – the natural grain leather, black electrostatic impact resistant toe with the energy of 200J soles – rubber, oil resistant with anti-perforation sole, resistant […]

Goat skin gloves

Protective gloves reinforced with high-quality goat skin. goat-grain leather in bright colors all hands are protected – so you have greater strength and resistance to abrasion soft goatskin provides the user a better feeling of the object, without losing the strength of the glove

Kor-spaw – Flame-retardant garments designed for welding and similar jobs

Kor-spaw protects from small splinters of melted metal (so called small drops) during welding, short contact with flame, heating radiation, including electric arc, minimizes possibility of being shocked by short, accidental contact with electric circuits up to 100 V direct current in normal welding environment. Textile does’t continue to burn when lit, it doesn’t leave […]